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>> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they are nuts, they know nothing! >> i like to say, there is a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not to entertain you but educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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which market's right? yesterday's hideous, awful, terrible market where, we got hammered for more than a percent? bringing out the nasayers from the woodwork? house of pain. today's handsome performance. house of pleasure. it climbed 99 points. the nasdaq 1.29%. i understand the importance of answering that question. when we get a pull back, i tell you, buy buy buy. buy this one. pull back on a pullback, when we get one like yesterday, i don't see people buying the pullback. i see people selling the pullback. doesn't matter we reached 14,000. people want to ring the register. people don't want to be greedy. nevertheless, i feel strongly
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that you don't back away when they throw a sale here. you don't back away on the pullback like yesterday. you got to be in there pulling the trigger. i know what you need. i have been thinking about it. how do i try to convince people to buy? you need verification of my thinking. yes. you need to have others who came in, took advantage of the declines, make you feel more confident than it is little me, telling you to get n half a dozen analysts, many knuckleheads, half my age, saying, sell, sell, sell. stocks have gone up a lot. it was -- they are up too high. they have been in the business for seven minutes. tonight i will give you not one, not two but three people i think
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you can trust, trust more than you trust me, because the only money i have on the line is the money for my charitable trust. these three guys are trading billions of dollars. they're all going wild. they're buyers, not sellers. tonight i'm making the case that john malone, michael dell and larry ellison know something about valuation, and they no value and they no bargains, and they're seeing them in the stock market. larry ellis, you might know him as the man who bought one of those nicer hawaiian islands. i know him as the shrewd and canny entrepreneur who established oracle, as one of the greatest tech companies of our time, a behemoth built on the best technology that could be invented required tedious today the business that this brilliant industrialist acquired agreed to pay $2.1 billion in cold hard cash for acne packet, a company that enables voice to be carried over the internet among other skill sets and has been down on its financial looked like acme dynamite.
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is considered top notch. ellison is taking advantage of the pullback time talking about. oracle is paying $29.25 a share. the stock is down from $83 less than a year ago. it's only down because it had a couple short falls that won't matter at all when it is part of a sweeter product that gives oracle a hardware and software solution. frankly it is brilliant, so brilliant the markets say it could be higher because at me pack it was trading above the price. ellison is a buyer. how about this michael down fila? he's a huge debt buyer. his just announced leveraged buyout to purchase the company for more than 35% above where the stock stood up that long ago. the price tag is down from $50 a year ago and $25 five years ago. michael dell is taking advantage of the pull back. i've often heard michael dell talk about how his company hasn't gotten enough credit for all the things it does decide to make personal computers. he's added customer software
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solutions, excellent data management skills. the stock still trades like a dude, you just bought a dell. these days many large information technology don't think about dell as offering solutions. dell has carved out this amazing business of small to medium entities including municipalities and schools. these are different customers. they're the ones who aren't being catered to the way they should be. small to mid-sized. he has this government business that was driving until we saw worldwide budget cuts from governments great and small like the federal government. dell takes the company private. this next-generation, coming public, adding value by reconfiguring the entity to reflect the higher margin of proprietary business. in terms of verification of this value and this market, the $24.4 billion buyout of michael dell is no vanity plate. dell has to borrow a ton of money. he's got backers much bigger than his personal war chest. he's got microsoft on a couple
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billion. silver lake a very shrewd private equity firm with a record of investing in out of favor but solid technology companies with good cash flow trying as much as $15 billion. i can't think of a better affirmation what that could be worth and what an in-your-face sign that the personal-computer portion of technology has a few innings left in the game. how about companies that already have a problem? what do we do with those? are they being bought? are these valuations stretched as the younger analysts have repeatedly told us? take virgin media, a company when i was looking at the charts, that's a gigantic european cable company. stock trading $21 a little less than a year ago, closed at $38 and change yesterday. isn't that too much of a run? >> isn't that a stock worth selling? knot if you are john malone, the dean of the cable industry. in this company, entertainment, a man so renowned for his deal savvy that my colleague on squawk on the street this morning called him the smartest
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man he ever met, which after i had taken a minute's worth of on bridge about i found myself in courage. malone is not even walking away from the game. he's paying mid-40s. under 50 but mid-40s for possibly 47-48. david didn't know the exact price for virginia. a total affirmation not just of the prices in the stock market but also long-term in europe. who am i to say that malone is wrong? how do i know about his business? he doesn't even care there is no polak. he's ready to shell out more than $12 billion to get this deal done. the three titans are saying these prices represent opportunity. they're not walking away from the weakness, they're not talking about stretch valuations like their acolytes. when the bottom line is the richest man in the world are bellying up to the stock market and buying everyone a drink, should we sit back and pass on the weakness that the market periodically gives you? i think the stocks of acne
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packet and verdell say take the plunge when they plunge and virgin media says don't even bother waiting before you pull the trigger. martin in california. martin? >> okay jim, how is it going 2 real good, how about you? >> i was falling down and equity, parent company of ipod and applebee's pdf thought the run was over since it hit where most analysts predict it would reach. right now they've got a favorable debt restructuring and merger cotto capital management, a fund that owns 5.5% is urging them to offer dividends this year. do you think it is a by? >> i don't know why they have to agitate against those guys. to public, i said this morning and i've been telling you, when they preannounced that last shortfall, pinero with a great quarter, dime equity is in the right cohort. i think the stock goes higher. mark in wisconsin. >> thanks for taking my call.
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in light of the numbers that a day and put up, the whole food ag sector seems to be on the move up. is now a good time to get into diamond foods? >> i think if you want to go by there all men's, in the green, i will bless that, and rolled all men's. i think that's fine. i like their peanuts. i like their cashews. their mixed nuts are very good. i would've had them if i had been at home watching the super bowl. the stock? who knows anything about the stock? it's a black box. i'd stick with the green box. by the nets. the big boys, dell, elson, malone are seizing the opportunity on weakness. i think you should, too. malone is not even leader of to weakness. don't let paybacks pass you by. days like today can be rewarded. remember that on days like yesterday. >> coming up, time to get technical. the market hasn't been kind to
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most of tech in 2013, but is a shift in store? tonight kramer is taking on the hottest trends in technology, social, entertainment and retail to find out which companies could be primed to power higher in tonight's edition of off the charts. and later, full power. eaton corporation is trading near 52 week highs today after reporting quarterly results. tonight, the future of this industrial giant, to find out if it's charging ahead or running low on deuce. don't miss the excuse of with its ceo. plus, profitable procedure. health-care cosmetics company allegan faltered in 2013 as sales of its flagship drug smoothed out any wrinkles from its recent results. could new applications for the medication mean its shares are heading higher? find out when grinter talks to the ceo, just ahead, all coming up on that money.
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>> on the day we found out dell is taking itself private, it is worth remembering that 15 years ago, dell was among the hottest tech stocks out there. these days you don't want to hear about dell. if it goes public again, it will be more styling with the times. when it comes to tech, you want to hear about the companies that represent the future not the past. stocks with momentum. tonight, we are going off the charts with the help of bob lyon, doing well for us. the founder and senior strategist and my colleague at
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he works with me on the pay site. the four names are fang. fang. fang for short. these are the stocks that seem to be moving higher of late. what is fang? facebook, amazon netflix and google. they all take major bites out of the bears. fang was also the dog on "get smart." as we approach one of the most important days of the year for the stock market, my birthday. if you want to date me, i was partial to white fang and soupy sales. back to the fang of tech. what makes bob a fan? they have been powering higher recently.
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first off, check out facebook, letter "f" for fang. daily chart. a lot of noise and volatility, there is an important floor of support for facebook at 28 less than a point below where it is right now. ceiling of resistance at 32. it will be ripe for a pullback, do buying, get to the 28 level. the bullish picture for facebook is the weekly chart. presto. facebook has made a cup and handle formation. the stock trades down in a tight range that looks like a handle. this cup and handle, i know it sounds silly, like we're inviting facebook over for tea time.
11:18 pm
this is one of the most reliably bullish patterns out there. once it breaks out from the handle, facebook did a month ago, you get a sustained move higher. i have to tell you, lang believes this long term move -- infancy. and facebook, there is little standing in the way of technical perspective. i think that facebook is no longer -- i like the quarter facebook. there was a lot of selling on the news. next up, the amazing amazon. its stock looks stalled out. yes, after roaring 10% from the neck of the head and shoulders formation, this is an oddly named chart pattern. to make things worse, when you go to the bottom of the chart and look at the moving average convergence/divergence line, we call it the mac-d.
11:19 pm
lang said it is showing a sell signal. that's where the red line crosses over the black line. see that well, you know what, if we do get a sell-off in amazon, lang thinks that it will be a brief pullback after the monster run up from 220 in november. like facebook, lang believes that weekly chart changes the picture. changing the time frame. the line is signalling that amazon is a buy. black line on top. more important, he knows that amazon is a strong floor of support here at 250 bucks. 215 below where it is right now. it is nowhere near being broken. back to 250. entry point.
11:20 pm
there it is, people. start buying. now, this is the most controversial. netflix. will you look the at this thing? this is why i got in the stock market, holy cow it is behaving like the netflix of old. lang sees a bullish pennant pattern. it is when after a huge move higher, stocks zigzag, creating a triangle that looks like a pennant. why is this so beautiful? pennants are what is known as continuation patterns. pennant, move higher. you got it.
11:21 pm
we saw netflix make a pennant formation in november. over the next six weeks, the stock rallied. that is before netflix reported blow-out numbers weeks ago. take a gander at the weekly chart. again, he wants to go back in time a little. the weekly tells lang, when netflix reported, the sellers were nowhere to be found. check out the williams percentage r-oscillator at the bottom of the chart. it has been so right for us. developed by larry williams, smart guy. the idea being that it helps to measure if the stock is overbought, may be due for a pullback. if it's oversold it could be due for a bounce. wait a second. it is looking similar to where it was in 2011's overbought and ran period, during netflix powerful rally. nine months, kept rallying, rallying. this time it has been overbought
11:22 pm
for just three months, lang thinks that's a sign of strength. he believes we can see squeezes down the road as we did in 2010 and 2011. netflix had a gigantic run. lang thinks it needs to trade sideways and digest it. and how about google"? take a look at the daily chart here. google made a new all-time high. remember when we were in ohio, and the thing fell apart? look at this. it is amazing. lang points out, we see stocks tack on an additional 10% move after the first historical high. and look at that, google like netflix, the stock stayed longer
11:23 pm
than anyone imagined. overbought, yes. if you want to get a feel for tech, forget dell, i want you to think fang. facebook, amazon, netflix and google. all turbocharged momentum stocks. you don't have to bet with the fangs of technology. you shouldn't bet against them. there is a good chance that you might get bitten! coming up, full power. eaton corporation is trading near 52-week highs after reporting quarterly results. cramer plugs you into the future of this industrial giant to find out if it is charging ahead or running low on juice.
11:24 pm
don't miss the exclusive with the ceo. >> allergan catapulted in 2013, botox smoothed out any wrinkles. could new application send shares higher? find out when cramer talks to the ceo, just ahead. coming up on "mad money"
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and said this before and i'll say again. one of my favorite themes of 2013, don't just stand there, do something. companies across the board seem to be recognizing, if they want to outperform a stellar market, take aggressive action. action like break ups or transformational acquisitions. it is not like i pull this idea out of thin air. when you look at the companies that did something dramatic last year, the market is rewarding them handsomely. e.t.n. makes truck transition and aerospace components, follow it along, one of the main reasons, last year, eaton acquired cooper industries, another company i liked for $13 billion in a game-changing deal.
11:28 pm
it gives the company more exposure to the fast-growing electrical business. the electric biz was solid. superb, even. 96 cents a share, the revenues came light, rising 7.4%. eaton had good things to say about the strength of the end markets, others like hydraulics are in worse shape. the big kick here, is that the cooper acquisition would add to their earnings, the integration of cooper is going better than planned. the stock shot up 4.93% to a new high. eaton has been rewarded because it is not just standing there, it did something. this stock has already had a fantastic run. eaton, up 14%, spectacular
11:29 pm
gains, a high yielder in june. 230% return since 2008. and the bankable chairman, mr. cutler, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim, good evening. >> congratulations, this was an amazing quarter. you said it would be messy, and an accounting lesson. you put us through it. when the smoke cleared, it was terrific. i need people to understand what you said in the conference call so they understand how a deal could come about so bountiful. half of the sales came from increasing our scope of our solutions in key verticals. what does it mean for the average person watching the show? >> it is an important area in terms of the sale synergy in this deal. oil and gas, eaton and cooper have had strong positions with different products and services.
11:30 pm
our ability to bring those together in oil and gas and mining and commercial construction, data centers, we become a much more capable supplier for our many, many customers, who are facing tough power management problems today. wrapping it up with the service capabilities, and cooper has not had, gives us a powerful package to help our customers be more competitive. >> you are taking share from someone else who cannot offer a one-stop solution. >> that is what lies ahead. so many customers are looking for suppliers like eaton, for a turn-key. that is what we are prepared to do. that sales synergy lays out ahead of us. we just completed that deal on november 30th. we paid off the financing bridge of over $1.6 billion. we're ahead on cash.
11:31 pm
we look to be up this year versus what we originally thought, getting the cost synergies early and having a lower cost financing package. and took in the fourth quarter, $50 million of restructuring to allow us to lower cost positions, where markets were running slower than we thought a year ago. we are well-positioned to start this year. excited about the cooper acquisition. >> it is true, you highlighted, you do, you are a straight shooter, that is weaker. you use this term, better tone, when it came to china. what is better tone, in terms of a where we could be six months from now? >> look back to the spring of 2011. we really saw the construction equipment market demand drop by 50%. since then, we have not seen good demand in china for construction equipment. that is a market we sell a lot of electrical equipment.
11:32 pm
january we saw positive orders, one month does not make a trend. it is hard to start a trend without a month. what we are encouraged about in january, typically this is a weaker time period, post chinese new year, that is normally when you see the economy pick up. we are encouraged that we are starting to see a heart beat, one of the markets that has been moribund for the last couple of years. >> you talk about a new way to view the company. you have fast growing products and systems, you have a vehicle segment. analysts did start by saying is there a possibility that you may spin out truck and auto? is that an idea or something that makes it easier to understand eaton?
11:33 pm
>> really aimed at helping to make it easier to understand eaton. we would be using different segments, the electrical and cooper products, one called electrical products, one called electrical system and services. and the traditional vehicle business. we will still be reporting five segments. the significant news about viewing eaton, over 60% of our business is electrical. 80% is electrical, hydraulic and aerospace. a proud, strong vehicle businesses, the vast heart of the business is hydraulics and aerospace. >> without pointing fingers at the super bowl, we also had hurricane sandy, are we seeing a wholesale re-evaluation on what utilities have to spend in order to keep up with mother nature and with and equipment not able to withstand certain power surges? >> a couple of questions in there.
11:34 pm
clearly, whenever you have natural tragedies, wind and and water and electric don't work well together. a data center like in a big oil and gas refinery. yes, we do have an aging infrastructure in the united states. it is one of the reasons we like the cooper acquisition. and the overall concept at eaton, we want balance across end markets, across geographies, and we know that brings value to investors. >> you have a dividend meeting coming up. you continue to be the great
11:35 pm
growth cyclical with the great dividend. sandy cutler, chairman and ceo of eaton corporation. >> good to talk to you tonight. >> we've been behind this seemingly forever, this is a great american company that should be in your portfolio. e.t.n., sandy cutler, chairman and ceo. stay with cramer.
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on the beamer >> it is time for the lightning round! are you ready skee-daddy? time for the lightning round. let's go to j.j. in maryland. >> caller: wondering about dupont, ticker dd. >> i got to give you a major booyah for the ravens. dupont is just okay. not enough great execution. they should be doing better. i prefer eaton. dave in new york. dave. >> caller: i would like your opinion on mckesson, i like the --
11:39 pm
>> i told someone this weekend, i like the numbers. harrison in michigan. >> caller: philipp's 66. >> i like refining. buy, buy, buy. i like to buy them on weakness. james in new york. >> caller: life technology. >> it is good on the fundamentals, too. i would buy half. and then the other half, 60, so you get an average. sonny in illinois. >> caller: a big booyah from the windy city. i love your show. long time fan. >> i appreciate it.
11:40 pm
>> caller: the company is huntsman, h u.n. >> go with georgia gulf. buy, buy, buy. go to john in florida. >> caller: jim, i would like your latest take on arena pharmaceutical. >> @jimcramer on twitter, because i didn't fall in love with this stock, a lot of people despise me. i know people are in love with it. i am not in love with it. be but let's go to carl in arkansas. >> caller: greetings from arkansas. i am thinking of picking up a bank stock, your thoughts of new york community bank. >> the yield is so much higher than all the others, i will send you to keen. i don't know, it is a nice gain. i prefer key. i like the safety. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round!
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ina bull market, it is easier to pick stock that can go higher. this is what a bull market looks like. what is more lucrative is picking stocks that go higher. we have stocks like allergan, it makes real medicine, a
11:45 pm
leading player in the eye care business. it is purveyor of breast implants, dermal fillers and botox, what is not to like? here is where it gets interesting. allergan is coming up with more ways to use botox, now it is a migraine treatment. fda approved it for overactive bladder, and there are many more indications down the road, to the point where botox sales could double by 2020. it is a pipeline that could power the company for years to come. it announced it will acquire map pharma, the fda could decide to approve or not by the 15th of april. the company reported this morning, an excellent set of
11:46 pm
numbers, the forecast for 2013 was better than analysts were expecting. this is a very conservative company, when it comes to the guidance. hence, the stock rally today. this company has given you a nice 20% gain since the last time we spoke to the ceo in september. the stock is up 160% since i recommended it almost four years ago to the day. you better hope it comes down. i don't think you will get this kind of pullback. let's talk to the chairman, president and ceo of allergan. welcome back to "mad money." >> nice to talk to you again, jim. >> i am used to having to defend the fact they think why there are so much cooking. it seems like this time, there is so much in the pipeline, the overactive bladder, just
11:47 pm
approved. that is entirely possible it could be a huge break-out year for 2013 for allergan. >> on the 15 years i have been ceo, somebody asked me recently, what is the best time, i said right now. the future looks better than the last five or ten years. do you want to start with botox, where would you like to go? >> we should talk map pharma, migraine. >> the reason we acquired map pharma, in the process of completing that, is because our cooperation gave us deep insight into this product. it is inhaled migraine product. it is applicable to ten times more patients than botox, 30 million people. it is a puffer device.
11:48 pm
when you have the pain coming on, you puff. within the hour, you start getting real significant relief. for us, it is the perfect overlap, in terms of the doctors who use or prescribe migraine medications, right on top of each other. we forecast in the future approximately $500 million in sales with the distribution channel we are setting up for migraine. >> you told me that fda is not quick to do something that is new, if there are existing products on the market. it doesn't sound like there is it doesn't sound like there is it doesn't sound like there is it doesn't sound like there is anything like this map pharma drug? >> what is interesting, as we have done in the past with other drugs, a lot is known about this molecule that came from ergot in
11:49 pm
switzerland, my old company. and morphed into a very effective drug. the down side causes tremendous nausea that is why it is primarily used in the hospital setting and administered intravenously. now, it can be blown into the lungs in an effective way, you turned hospital-based drug or relief treatment into a homecare treatment. we both know enough about health care that is the way it has to be to control cost and convenience for the patient. >> i was reading. you have doctors who are trained for different indications. this is much bigger, right? >> absolutely. the number of patients obviously with severe incontinence is so much larger than the patients with neurogenic or spastic bladder.
11:50 pm
those are people with ms, spinal injury, parkinson's and associated conditions, the launch of botox for chronic migraine, where we have to train thousands of neurologists, that haven't used a needle in a while. because of the approval that we got a year and a half ago for the first indication, spastic bladder or neurogenic, it is a minor modification now to inject into the bladder, instead of 200 units, now, for severe incontinence, 100. it will be faster than is the norm for botox therapeutic. >> we have had regeneron a bunch of times. they have a terrific drug, you have something in phase two, should we be excited or too early for macular degeneration?
11:51 pm
>> it is a great product. sold $800 million, some of the reports i have read, suggest in 2013, $1.5 billion. quickly took market share, due to many frequent, less frequent injection cycles. our product is in phase two, one has to always be cautious. if it pans out, what we have seen in early limited studies, our drug maybe lasts for three to four months, and what an advantage it would be for the patients to go, from say, ten injections per year, with lucentis to, say, seven or six for ilea, to potentially, three, or four, if our technology, we have on license from switzerland, all works out. >> that is injections into the the eye.
11:52 pm
thank you so much for coming on the show. you know that we have been behind allergan, the one who does r. & d. in what others spend on sales, they spend it in the lab. that is why they come up with what to do with botox and other drugs. agn, i think it goes higher. i am sure if you look at it, you know exactly what i mean.
11:53 pm
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11:55 pm
>> off the record, they give it up, knowing i am not going to betray them. washington didn't screw it up so badly that businesses hurt. we can thrive again. we talk a lot about confidence, what creates confidence on this show. i think i should talk about more about what makes confidence. there is a mistrust of both political parties off and on the record. most execs were head scratching, they don't understand republicans. they tend to work at big companies with different
11:56 pm
ethnicities and thrown off by the agenda, i kept hearing it called all the time in new orleans. they don't get personal, they don't understand the personal, they understand they may not have a sympathetic ear of the president, didn't expect to be blown off by the gop because of the agenda they want to do business with business men and business women. now, i heard no grousing whatsoever about the new higher taxes for the wealthy. nothing. i heard that both parties have gotten out of touch. housing, oil and gas. the housing cycle, retail. speak positively about the state of the american consumer despite headwinds from washington. asia, not china, but asia is good, the section of the economy they want to talk about is oil and gas, and the renaissance in production if we can harness the fuel of the future, natural gas. they are all waiting and
11:57 pm
watching, they don't want to switch, the engines are underpowered and use lng, they know the epa hates, because it will not succeed. natural gas to blend with diesel, save money. they also know the complexity engines is great, the need for the infrastructure to fuel trucks. they are jealous how well waste management is doing with the fuel. it is a 2016 proposition for them. the energy situation is tempered by one thing, the intransigent white house, so many of the keystone pipeline, there is the president's true colors, there shows there may be no fossil fuel blessing for everything. i don't want to detract from the
11:58 pm
optimism all over the place. the hope is that republican party starts talking business. then there is a chance, they don't feel post-fiscal cliff, that washington is the enemy anymore.
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